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Rox Nation? Rockieville? Colorado Rockies fans need a moniker

Vote for your favorite phrase that encapsulates Rockies fandom the way "Sox Nation" encapsulates Red Sox fans.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Professional sports teams ought to do a better job of representing the uniqueness of their cities and states in as many ways as they can fathom.

At issue for the day: a moniker for Rockies fans.

I have found in my writings that I oscillate between a few of these and should admit that this exercise is not entirely without self-serving motivations. It can get boring writing the words "Rockies fans" over and over and over again. But it also feels weird to be inconsistent, so I ask you the denizens of [insert your favorite from the list below here] for a vote.

These are in no particular order.

1. Rox Nation

I don't like it. It is a rip-off of "Sox Nation" and the point, in my opinion, is to be original which is antithetical to being derivative. However, it does roll off the tongue and if you people (hey, what do you mean you people!?) vote for it than I will be fine referring to "Rox Nation."

2.  Rockieville

The cool thing about Rockieville is that it includes a wide range of Rockies fans outside of just the city of Denver. Rockieville can be an ambiguously bordered place that stretches across all of Colorado, down to Albuquerque, out west through Utah, and even all the way to Rhode Island, then over the pond and beyond.

This could also be iterated as "Roxville."

3. Rockie Town

This one gives that feel that Denver gives off of being the biggest small town in the world. Even though it's quite the large city, the fact that it is nestled so perfectly between the massive and majestic mountains to the West and great and vast plains to the East, make's one feel as though they are always in the wilderness. That clean mountain air doesn't hurt either.


Another variation on this idea is to assign the people themselves a moniker but I'm running out of bad ideas. Purplers? Pebbles? Make suggestions in the comments? Buehler?