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Reactions to Michael Cuddyer receiving qualifying offer from Rockies

Oh boy. Twitter didn't like this.


In case you missed it, the Rockies extended a $15.3 million qualifying offer to 35-year-old outfielder Michael Cuddyer on Monday in a move that generated a ton of reaction -- mostly negative -- among people who cover baseball.

And then, of course, you have a few people who aren't exactly unbiased toward the situation who are fans of the move.

Meanwhile, Rockies GM Jeff Bridich believes making the qualifying offer to Cuddyer was the right thing to do (of course he does, or else why would he have done it?), writes Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post:

"Michael is someone who has had a great impact on this organization both on and off the field for the past three years." ... "After weighing our options, we felt the qualifying offer was in the best interest of the organization."


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