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2014 SB Nation MLB awards: Rockies Funniest Moment nominations

Funny or pathetic? You decide (and also decide which moment should win)!

Brandon Barnes plays Rock Paper Scissors with Nationals reliever Aaron Barrett prior to a game in July.
Brandon Barnes plays Rock Paper Scissors with Nationals reliever Aaron Barrett prior to a game in July.
Justin Edmonds

First up in the 2014 SB Nation MLB awards series is Funniest Moment. When a team finishes a season 66-96 as the Rockies did, the line between funny and sad is often quite blurry. But, as they say, life goes on. And, as such, we can always look back on things that might have been more pathetic than humorous and laugh, right? One of the following nominations carries that distinction. I'm sure you can figure out which one it is.

Without further ado, here are the nominees, in chronological order:

1) Oh, Corey, no

This play was previously included in our Five worst Rockies moments of 2014 list, so you know that it was probably more bad than funny at the time. But you have to look back and chuckle, now, right? I mean, how much more could one play possibly epitomize an entire season -- and, for that matter, an entire franchise?

2) Little League home run

Wilin Rosario -- a CATCHER -- came all the way around to score on his own hit as a result of a whole bunch of errors on one play by the Brewers. It was payback for the Dickerson moment, for the Rockies giving up a bases-clearing wild pitch and pretty much to the last four years in general.

The funniest part comes after Rosario slides across home plate. Have you ever seen someone so bummed out about scoring a run?

3) Barnes loses standoff

The Rockies' season was already in shambles when their post-All-Star-break set against the Nationals began, but that didn't stop Brandon Barnes from having some fun with Washington reliever Aaron Barrett prior to the start of the series finale.

Colorado's outfielder lost the pregame standoff, which included a game of Rock Paper Scissors, when umpires threatened ejection in his direction first. In all fairness, Barrett retreated to the dugout before Barnes. So there.

Next up: Most Regrettable Rockies Moment. Vote on this category first, then submit your nominations for most regrettable moment below!