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Saturday Rockpile: Franklin Morales weekend

Franklin Morales is the biggest news story this weekend thanks to his berth on the "MLB All-Stars", who will play a five game series against Japan's All-Stars

Michael B. Thomas

Not sure why he is part of an All-Star team or why he is getting media attention this weekend, but Franklin Morales is the biggest news story this weekend other than the already discussed listening that the Rockies are doing for their stars. Here are the articles:

Lefty Morales joins MLB squad for Japan series -

Looking at the group of players going to play Japan, it seems like a lot of good talent and a lot of backups, not too much in between. Looks like Morales was the best lefty bullpen arm that they could convince to join them...that means that they probably didn't have many options. Look for a balk, a hit batter, and a couple of walks in his limited appearances.

Rockies' 2014 player grades: Franklin Morales -

Jay linked this article yesterday but I wanted to share this article again since Franklin was featured in the other article today.

Yankees Prospects -

I post this because the best trade partner proposed yet seems to be the Yankees. One commenter mentioned Severino, Judge, Bird, and Mateo, so look at those and see what you think.

Why Tulo won't get traded -

On the other side of this argument is why a trade of Tulo won't happen.