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Sunday Rockpile: Getting to know the Rockies new pitching coaches

New pitching coaches are making their mark on the Rockies while the conversation surrounding potential trades of Carlos Gonazalez and Troy Tulowitzki rage on.

Christian Petersen

According to Patrick Saunders over at ye old Denver Post, new Colorado Rockies bullpen coach, Darren Holmes thinks he can fix Rex Brothers! Holmes also talks about how is "rocky" (sorry) history with the team in purple pinstripes might just be the key to his instruction for the guys now under his supervision.

If he can fix Brothers, then the Rockies bullpen just gained a much needed, late-inning power arm without having to make a move.

Patrick Saunders has a "getting to know" piece on Rockies new pitching coach Steve Foster. If you aren't familiar with the story of how he retired from pitching (which involves Jay Leno), this is a must read.

For more substance on the matter, Saunders' got some great stuff on Foster's philosophy and approach and also a vote of confidence from Royals GM Dayton Moore (Foster's old boss) who called the move, "a tremendous hire for the Rockies."

Benjamin Hochman throws his hat into the "Rockies should trade Cargo and/or Tulo" arena but suggests the team waits until the most opportune time, when they are healthy.

We polled the Purple Row community on this very subject last week and the general consensus (at least on Gonzalez) is seems to be that the Rockies should hold out for a great haul, whether it means waiting until next season or simply demanding more for a player who has shown superstar ability.

With only seven percent saying they would sell CarGo for 50 cents on the dollar or less, and only 14 percent agreeing with me that they can settle for 70 cents on the dollar, but only five percent giving an absolute "No" on the idea, the vast majority of Rockies fans (at least those who vote in polls on Purple Row) seem okay with moving CarGo but only under the best of circumstances.

If the Rockies are blown away this winter, they should make a move. If not, we should all be patient at least through the 2015 trade deadline.