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Big signing in Denver ... just not by the Rockies

Hopefully Cargo is laughing at the rediculous projections ZiPS has for him in 2015
Hopefully Cargo is laughing at the rediculous projections ZiPS has for him in 2015
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It is the middle of the hot stove offseason for baseball and the Colorado Rockies can barely make a headline. Then the Broncos, who are in the middle of playing meaningful football games at the end of the season, manage to sign the No. 1 rated cornerback to a multi-year contract worth over $40 million.  From Blake Street, only crickets.

Ins and Outs: Hot Stove scorecard -

Colorado makes this list as one of a handful of teams that was least active so far.  The difference between them and the likes of Washington and San Francisco is that the Rockies need to improve.

Winter meetings winners and losers -

The good news for the Rockies is they don't make the losers section of this article like the Giants.  The bad news is they don't make the winners section like the Dodgers.

Predicting destinations for the top remaining free agents -

Speaking of the offseason losing Giants, they are on this list of destination for top players multiple times.  So they may turn out to be winners.  The Rockies meanwhile? Not even sniffing the list for any of these players, not even a free agent, switch hitting centerfielder ... I guess they decided those were overrated last year anyway.

D-backs have internally discussed Scherzer, Shields -

With the Dodgers getting better, the Giants just winning the World Series, and even the Padres picking up Matt Kemp, at least we could make fun of the Snakes to the Southwest who were getting rid of all of their talent right?  Wait, they are thinking about Scherzer and Shields?  I don't think they will get either, but at least their management is talking about it.

2015 ZiPS projections - Colordaro Rockies -

There are some good numbers and some bad numbers in this prognostication.  The biggest takeway though is that the Rockies bullpen needs to improve from last year and what ZiPs projects and that the team could really use a top of the line (No. 1 or 2 starter).  It is funny to me that the projections regress towards a lower mean than Corey Dickerson's breakout first year with the team in 2014; however, it apparently uses last year's numbers to project the worst year for Carlos Gonzalez that he has ever had in a Rockies' uniform.

Have a good weekend Rockies fans!