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Walt Weiss: Expect changes if Rockies don't turn things around in 2015

Colorado is entering a do-or-die season, according to its manager.

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The Colorado Rockies have reached a crossroads, a fact evident to just about every single one of the team's fans (although most might have said that crossroads came a couple of years ago). The old front office regime never seemed to have a sense of urgency regarding the team's situation, but it appears not to be lost on manager Walt Weiss.

"We are at a point where we've got to turn it around," Weiss recently told Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post. "The reality of it is, if it doesn't happen this year, yeah, you're probably looking at going a different way at that point."

Weiss will be more involved with the day-to-day decision-making process and now has a larger input on roster construction, but that increased participation has yet to result in anything too fruitful for the Rockies this offseason. Other than shipping Josh Rutledge for a potential power bullpen arm, which is a good move by the way, Colorado hasn't taken advantage of opportunities to improve its big league club. It seems another one of those opportunities -- a chance at swapping Justin Morneau for a quality starting pitcher -- has gone by the wayside with the Marlins reportedly closing in on signing Michael Morse.

Even the lower tiers of free-agent hurlers are beginning to fly off the market, making it imperative for the Rockies to make improvements via trade. Hopefully Weiss and new Colorado general manager Jeff Bridich have a plan, and that their bond soon begins to produce results. Otherwise, those changes to which Weiss alluded will certainly be on the way.

Maybe that's a good thing. So, what the hell ... stand pat, Rockies!


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