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5 holiday gifts any Rockies fan would love

Here's how to make that special Rockies fan in your life -- or yourself -- happy this holiday season.

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This holiday season, loved ones of Rockies fans should be going the extra mile to get that perfect gift. After all, Colorado just finished its fourth consec--ah, screw it. You know the story. Just go buy some gifts and stimulate the economy, will you? But do it quickly; you've got shipping deadlines to hit!

Oh, and here are some ideas. You're welcome.

Colorado Rockies Wordmark Ugly Sweater

Fanatics | $64.99

gift 1

Yes, those are purple brontosauruses. Anyone who wears this will definitely be the talk of their ugly sweater parties, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. How perfect!

Colorado Rockies Minimalist Coors Field "Mile High Line" by Minimalist Ballpark

MLB Shop | $59.99 to $169.99

gift 2

Some dude named S. Preston (hopefully it's Bill S. Preston, esq., but I'm not sure) has a series called Minimalist Ballpark. That's a thing, I guess? I don't know; I'm out of the loop. Anyway, I'm pretty sure S. stole this idea from Purple Row, so I'd suggest paying whatever price you can to get your hands on what is about to be a rare item. Y'know, because we're about to send him a cease and desist letter.

Colorado Rockies 2015 Cool Base Nolan Arenado Home Jersey

MLB Shop | $109.99

gift 3

I wasn't a fan of the last replica jerseys. They were kinda heavy and fit weird. But these new Cool Base ones look, well, cool. Plus, the name and number on the back presents a no-brainer. So, fans, put away your cheap knockoff jerseys and/or finally shelve that Matt Holliday replica with the felt numbers on the back and get yourselves one of these. It's long overdue.

Colorado Rockies (Baseball Song), by Ace Diamond

Amazon | $0.99

gift 4

What in the ...

OK. Just listen to the song. This is the best part:

We've got a winner here this time!

Colorado Rockies. Colorado Rockies. Colorado goin' home.

Colorado Rockies. Colorado Rockies. Colorado that's my home!

Real catchy chorus there.

Colorado Rockies Holiday Ticket Pack | from $42

Hey, a gift that people might actually want! I honestly suggest this one. Get out to Coors Field this summer and enjoy some baseball. Because, after all, regardless of what the Rockies do on or off the field, the city of Denver still gets Major League Baseball. Lucky dogs.