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Rockies prospect rankings: No. 30 Sam Moll awaits full season debut

The unveiling of the 2014 Winter PuRPs list is officially underway!

This could be Moll in a few years.
This could be Moll in a few years.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Welcome to the Winter 2014 PuRPs List, the Purple Row community's top 30 Rockies prospects list! Over the next few weeks we'll be revealing each player on the list as voted by the community, offering up a little information on the season that player had in 2014 and some insight as to where they might end up in 2015.

For each player on the PuRPs list, I've included a link to their stats (via Baseball-Reference), their contract status (via Rockies Roster), their probable MLB ETA (assuming they do make the Show), and a note on their 2014 season. For what it's worth, I'll also include where I put them on my personal ballot. All ages are as of January 1, 2015.

Remember that the statistics pages are not the end-all be-all when evaluating these players. Context is hugely important (such as the player's age relative to the league's average or the league average offensive numbers), as is the fact that injuries to prospects can affect both their tools and their stats.

Without further ado ...

PuRP No. 30: Sam Moll (47 points, 7 ballots) -- Summer 2014 Ranking: 24 | High Ballot 19, Mode Ballot 24, 27

Moll, a 22-year-old left-hander who pitched for Short-Season-A Tri-City, had a lost year due to injury, throwing only 13 innings of underwhelming relief -- understandable given that his cameo was a de facto rehab assignment. Moll was Colorado's third-round pick in last year's draft and profiles as a potential late-inning reliever. Working in Tri-City last year, Moll had just 30 innings pitched, putting up a sterling 1.80 ERA and 1.00 WHIP with a 8.7 K/9 rate in a favorable pitching environment. We'll have to wait until Moll debuts in full-season ball (hopefully 2015) to see if he can regain that form against higher levels of competition.

Current True Blue LA contributor David Hood wrote up a nice profile on Moll when he was drafted. Here's an excerpt:

If he wasn't 5'11, Moll might have had looks as a first rounder. A lefty pitching at 92-94 while flashing 96 with cut or tail and has a 60 present fastball. His curve-now-slider has hard 1-7 break, and could also be a 60 pitch with work. Moll is athletic, repeats his delivery, and has improved his control every step of the way.

Moll probably will end up as a reliever, but Colorado has given him a chance to start (as they did with Chad Bettis). If Moll's secondary pitches develop he could be a back-end starter. Moll's injury and the performance of other players led him to just miss my personal ballot. Should he prove himself in full season ball, he'll be right back up this list.

Contract Status: 2013 third round, not Rule 5 eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: Late 2017