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The NL West is getting better, the Rockies are staying the same

Trades galore, but not from the Rockies.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Like Wooderson from Dazed and Confused, there's a reason I like the Rockies. I get older, but they stay the same. Alright alright alright.

Padres acquire J. Upton from Braves -

But other NL West teams are not idle. Under new GM A.J. Preller, the Padres are making serious moves, having acquired a brand new outfield. They just finalized a deal with the Atlanta Braves for Justin Upton, a guy who has pretty consistently torched the Rockies. To go along with the acquisitions of Matt Kemp and Wil Myers, the Padres are suddenly a really fun team, after years of employing the most boring players ever. Admit it, valued reader, you would skip Rockies games when they were playing the Padres.

Peavy reportedly returning to SF on two-year deal -

The World Series-winning Giants have been nearly as inactive as the Rockies, but they're bringing back Jake Peavy. He's no longer Cy Young caliber, but he still has plenty left in the tank.

Mets-Tulo? "5 percent chance" best - ESPN

The Rockies and the Mets have reportedly been talking about a Tulo trade, but it doesn't sound imminent or likely. Sounds like nothing new for now.

Anyway, not a lot to report in Rockie land. I'm reminded of this classic Onion article, just substitute the Rockies for the Pirates.