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Padres acquiring all the players, Rockies targeting veterans for rotation, more

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Pablo Sandoval and the Giants attempt to resign him was the big ticket item after the World Series this year.  Then, the LA Dodgers were the talk of the NL West as they sought to eliminate their outfield logjam and were in on almost every free agent.  Now, the Padres are taking all of baseball by storm with big trades to try and improve on their thrid place finish last year.

Padres build stacked offensive lineup with bevy of moves -

Matt Kemp and Justion Upton are joining Wil Myers in the Padres outfield next year.  The Padres GM also traded for Will Middlebrooks and are taking some chances to be great next year.

Preller sure keeps things moving as rookie GM -

San Diego is making all of these moves because they have a front office that has been together for years...oh wait, that's not true.  The Padres went with an active new approach this year with an active new GM.  Don't know if all of these moves will work, but it is great to see someone doing what all of us try and do when playing fantasy GM.  Here is some more information on the man at the helm in San Diego from

Breaking down the prospects in the Justin Upton trade -

Well, at least the Padres are mortgaging their future in all of these trades, right?  Wait, fangraphs tells us they gave up a pitcher on his second tommy john surgery, an outfielder who has speed as his only tool, and a project of an infielder?  I think the Rockies gave up this much in the Rule V draft.

Rockies targeting veteran righties for rotation -

Finally, some news on the Rockies.  It will be interesting to see if any of these names are available to come to Colorado.  The Rockies should have some money available for one of them with losing Michael Cuddyer, Bret Anderson, and Juan Nicasio.

Rox shut down Ynoa from winter ball to rest for Spring -

Rafael Ynoa was a player that I hoped the Rockies would call up when Nolan Arenado got hurt in Atlanta last year.  He didn't end up getting his chance until later in the season, but all he has done is impress the team since then.  A little time off to rest will hopefully help him become an impact bench bat for the Rockies.

Giants trade for Casey McGehee -

Just in case all of the Padres' news wasn't enough for you, the Giants have found their Panda replacement in Casey McGehee.  Their trade with the Miami Marlins along with signing Jake Peavy to a two year deal(?!?) are their first two steps into the hot stove season.

Just to clarify, I am not neccessarily opposed to the quiet offseason thus far as the Rockies look to make sure and not overpay for something.  However, the rest of the West is doing their best to improve right now and there isn't a whole lot coming out of Rockies land.