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Purple Row announces staff additions

Join us in welcoming two new writers, two new copy editors and three new moderators to the fold.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Last month, we reached out to the Rockies fan community searching for good people to help us move forward with our coverage of a new era of Colorado baseball. Today, we're ready to announce the first group of additions to the Purple Row team (with more to come later).

Please join me in welcoming the following people to the fold (PR handle, if different from name, in parentheses)


Carolyn Jelley
Jay Milnes

Copy Editors

Sarah Ford (Da_Lollygagger)
Hendrik Kits van Heyningen


Matthew Barrett (Arimaris)
Ryan Schoppe (Chacinisthefuture)
Tommy McCall (Ducks_RockiesFan)

We're very excited to move forward with this group and are equally pumped to see what they have to contribute. Carolyn, who recently posted her first article, will be helping out on an ad hoc basis; she'll assist me with breaking news during the week and will have a weekly column -- possibly going up each weekend -- for your consumption. Jay will make his official debut this Friday and will also be tackling a weekly post. If you saw his recent FanPost on the state of the Rockies' pitching staff, you'll know to expect something terrific.

Sarah and Hendrik will be helping out behind the scenes, ensuring our quality matches our top-notch analysis and opinion. Both are highly qualified individuals who will be exceptionally vital to our operation. Additionally, Holly (holly96, who you all know and love) has agreed to expand her duties into this area. We welcomed her offer with open arms.

Matthew, Ryan and Tommy will be monitoring the comment threads, which as we know can become overly spirited. I'll be working closely with them to ensure that things always stay civil, well organized and as on topic as possible in the Rockpiles and other threads.

Please take a minute to congratulate the newest members of our community. We will be announcing the addition of several more people within the next few weeks. In the meantime, I've asked the new staffers to properly introduce themselves within the comments section of this post. If you don't see anything soon, feel free to chide them into it!