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A list of questions for Rockies owner Dick Monfort

The man who is responsible for all things Rockies will no doubt be subjected to a bunch of terrible questions on Twitter today. Here's a sampling of those as well as what I would ask him if I were to participate.

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Doug Pensinger

Colorado Rockies head honcho Dick Monfort on Tuesday will be answering a series of questions from fans on Twitter. The team owner/president/CEO/chairman/party enthusiast is set to log on to the Rockies' official Twitter account at 1 p.m. MT and take (hopefully) the best questions for 40 minutes.

The thing is, though, is that knowing the Rockies Twitter community like I do, most of the questions will probably be awful, like these:

  • Why did you hire a guy who had only managed in high school and why doesn't he get thrown out of any games?
  • Troy Tulowitzki is the worst. Guy can't even stay on the field. How could you give him that much money? And why don't you just trade him for Jonathan Herrera? At least he tries hard.
  • I love Carlos Gonzalez but he can't stay on the field either, yet you still gave him a bunch of money. Why?
  • Why don't you spend any money, Cheapfort?
  • Sell the (redacted) team, please.
  • Is Dan O'Dowd still head and shoulders above every other general manager in baseball?
  • Are we ever going to get any pitching?
In all seriousness, if I were to participate, here is what I would ask (character limits notwithstanding):

  • Can you please explain to the fans that the cost of building the party deck in right field could have bought a pitcher no better than Jeff Francis?
  • Is there any way for the team to get out from under its awful TV contract with ROOT Sports (for both financial and quality reasons)?
  • If the Rockies experience another lost season because of lack of star-player insurance, who attracts the blame, and what gets done about it?
  • It's hard for the club to compete on the free-agent market, but drafting and development did not pan out for a long period of time, either. What happened?
  • The farm does look like it's getting better. Were any changes made to lead to that happening? And, if for some reason Jon Gray/Eddie Butler/David Dahl/et al don't pan out, what other changes can be expected?


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