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Saturday Rockpile: The top three Rockies right now

Three Rockies made the cut for MLB Network's Top 100 Right Now this season.


Last night, MLB Network finished unveiling its list of the Top 100 Players Right Now for 2014. Three Rockies made the list, including two in the top 15. To compile the list, MLB Network took into account a combination of statistics from the past three seasons (with extra weight given to 2013), projected performance in 2014, defensive position, accolades and intangibles.

Here's how the Rockies ended up on the list:

11. Carlos Gonzalez
13. Troy Tulowitzki
73. Michael Cuddyer

Despite the gripes from local fans and some media about their ability to stay healthy (or lack thereof), it is clear that Gonzalez and Tulowitzki are still respected in national circles. In fact, the Rockies were the only National League team to place a pair of players in the top 15 of the list. Three American League clubs did so, but each of those pairs consisted of one pitcher and one hitter.

At No. 11 on the list, Gonzalez is one of just two players, along with No. 4 on the list Andrew McCutchen, with 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in each of the last three seasons, despite playing less than 140 games in each of those seasons. He also won his second consecutive Gold Glove in 2013.

Tulowitzki checked in two places behind his teammate after hitting 26 home runs in 126 games in 2013, earning his third All-Star appearance and coming 17th in National League MVP voting, a solid bounce back from a 2012 season that saw him play just 47 games.

The new entry to the list for the Rockies was 2013 National League batting champion Michael Cuddyer, who checks in at No. 73. The 34-year-old Cuddyer won his first batting crown and Silver Slugger last year, along with making his second All-Star appearance to break into the list.

Personally, I thought Nolan Arenado, Jhoulys Chacin and Jorge De La Rosa all had chances to sneak into the back end of the list based on the performances last season, but they did not. Even so, the Rockies placed more players on the list than two of their NL West rivals. For the record, here's a rundown of where players from around the division appeared on the list:

Arizona Diamondbacks

9. Paul Goldschmidt
90. Patrick Corbin

Los Angeles Dodgers

2. Clayton Kershaw
16. Hanley Ramirez
23. Yasiel Puig
38. Zack Grienke
52. Adrian Gonzalez
59. Matt Kemp

San Diego Padres


San Francisco Giants

17. Buster Posey
68. Madison Bumgarner
74. Hunter Pence
88. Matt Cain


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