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Who would you add to the Rox?

Rank your top 10 guys you would add to your team!


Hello denizens of Purple Row. I must apologize for the shortness of the Sunday Rockpile. I am experiencing a high volume of technical difficulties, and will not be able to post the conversation about the stat RE24 (as well as other RBI related material) until further notice.

In it's place I wanted to share with you a mental exercise I've been going over with all 30 MLB teams. You rank the 10 players in MLB you would most like to your teams existing roster without consequence. Don't worry about contracts or any of that messy stuff and ask yourself who you think would be the best fits for your team.

Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw are likely to come in first and second on most lists, but I think it's interesting to look at what the ideal addition to the team would be as it often helps show team needs and allows for some fun fantasy matching that makes for interesting speculation.

Assume you will only get one of your top ten players and you won't know which.

Here is my list for the Colorado Rockies:

10. Chris Sale

9. Jason Heyward

8. Andrew McCutchen

7. Dustin Pedroia

6. Miguel Cabrera

5. Brandon Phillips

4. Joey Votto

3. Matt Wieters

2. Clayton Kershaw

1. Mike Trout

Mike Trout obviously gives the Rockies their much needed lead-off hitter and exceptional outfield defense. McCutchen is the same argument just not quite as good. Kershaw is a no-brainer and I prefer Phillips to Pedroia but would understand those would would switch that. Obviously though 2B is a need position for the Rockies.

I put Matt Wieters third because he is such a versatile player, switch hits, sprays the ball, and plays exceptional defense (maybe even better than Posey in my mind.)

What is your list?