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Game Preview(s): Rockies vs. Reds, Rockies vs. Diamondbacks

Nice day to play two.

Christian Petersen

The Rockies are splitting the squad yet again as they double up on Cactus League games. The first will be against the Cincinnati Reds at 2:10 pm, the second against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 8:10. The later game features more regulars, perhaps to give them a taste of nighttime ball.

Brett Anderson gets the start in game one. He's had a strong, healthy spring, and will be a critical cog in the Rockies rotation this year.

Starting in the second game is recent acquisition Felix Hernandez, the 2011 Cy Young winner and...*puts finger to earpiece*...scratch that, that's Pedro Hernandez, a Minor League free agent signed in the winter. It's interesting to see Arenado bat second, as that might actually be a good spot for him. Of course, I still like Cuddyer there.