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Sunday Rockpile Links, March 16: Carlos Gonzalez bears resemblance to Larry Walker

One Rockies beat writer brings up a good point when comparing a current Colorado baseball star to one from the past. Also, more prospect rankings!

Doug Pensinger

Carlos Gonzalez has a lot in common with former Rockies star Larry Walker, writes Troy Renck of the Denver Post. Rockies fans can -- and should -- take comfort in the fact that Walker, like Gonzalez, dealt with injuries early in his career while still putting up big numbers when he was on the field.

Something that should excite Colorado baseball fans even more? Walker started hitting his prime right around the age CarGo is reaching now. Many people have claimed Gonzalez will never be better than he was in 2010, but considering the guy is just now entering the best years of his life in terms of general ability, we should see quite a few wonderful seasons from No. 5, assuming he stays on the field.


Fangraphs' Tony Blengino has the Rockies ranked No. 15 in his minor league systems by impact list. He has four Colorado prospects -- Jon Gray, Eddie Butler, Rosell Herrera and Tom Murphy -- categorized as impact prospects, with David Dahl and Trevor Story a step below. He goes on to mention that the overall depth in the Rockies organization is below average, but I tend to disagree; rather, in my view, the Rockies lack the sheer number of potential impact prospects that other teams have, but the list of guys who are just downright solid is a pretty long one.

Of course, we'll see how it all plays out this season and beyond. For the record, I am with him on Ryan McMahon, who enters this season a bit underrated in terms of his place on the radar of prospect hounds. He's definitely a guy to keep an eye on in Asheville in 2014.

Around the league

Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias will reportedly be out until the All-Star break, says ESPN's Jerry Crasnick. Cue up those Tulo trade rumors!

The Yankees traveled to Panama to face the Marlins in a game that was mostly about honoring Mariano Rivera. Oddly enough, the Yanks were no-hit! (h/t Pinstriple Alley)