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Sunday Rockpile links, 3/2: Spring training notes

Injury updates and the future of measuring baseball!

Rob Tringali

Troy Renck at the Denver Post has an intriguing piece up on the delicate balance between getting the most out of your starting pitching and relying on your bullpen to do the job is was designed to do. Interesting observation and conceit in the opening line:

When the lineup rolls over for the third time, the best option is a reliever. Stop the conversation there and few will argue the point. "The data doesn't lie," Rockies owner Dick Monfort said.

Nice to see the Rockies willing to be flexible with strategy after consulting new data.

Renck's colleague Patrick Saunders at the Post has some updates on the injury status (statuses? stati?) of Drew Stubbs, Boone Logan and Jhoulys Chacin. On Chacin, he writes:

(Chacin) began using resistance bands Friday morning as part of his rehab. Chacin said he hopes to resume light throwing in a couple of days.

Everyone's favorite resident wacky uncle, Woody Paige, has a thoroughly entertaining piece about Eddie Butler and his journey from not good enough for the Cubs to draft to potential ace of the Rockies future.

Troy Tulowitzki says that the key to ending the rumors about his departure is winning baseball games in a Colorado Rockies uniform, via the Associated Press.

Around the MLB

If you are in any way interested in the statistical side of the game, this article from Fangraphs on a new data stream is a must read.

This was published a few days ago but I enjoyed this piece from Bradley Woodrum at the Hardball Times about the state and future of pitch framing. I wish this wasn't a thing at all but I find it endlessly fascinating.

Speaking of stats and trying to quantify things, a piece on the Hardball Times from Noah Woodward dives into the intriguing world of using stats to try to prevent injury (most especially to pitchers.) Is there a mathematical formula that can help keep your players healthy?

Mark Anderson at Baseball Prospectus continues his series on the top tools in minor league baseball with his top outfield defense/outfield arms article.