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2014 Rockies Spring Training Game No. 3 preview: De La Rosa begins contract year campaign

Jorge De La Rosa had an incredible 2013...and now it's time for him to see if he can repeat that performance again in 2014 at age 33.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

When Jorge De La Rosa signed his 4 year, $42.5 million contract with the Rockies after the 2010 season, it was seen as a risky move for a 28 year-old pitcher who had just shot past the 130 IP mark for the first time at the MLB level in 2009 - De La Rosa had thrown 185 innings of 4.38 ERA, 108 ERA+ ball - accruing 2.6 rWAR along the way in that season. He was coming off of a 2010 campaign in which he was again limited to just 121 innings pitched, though he was more effective on a rate basis in those innings (4.22 ERA, 110 ERA+, but only 1.6 rWAR).

Since signing that deal, De La Rosa was unfortunately affected by a serious injury that cut short a promising 2011 start for him. On the bright side, that injury also meant that he didn't have to stick around much for 2012 either. Therefore, it was a pretty big surprise that De La Rosa was not only able to return and stay healthy last year, but also that he was the most effective that he's been in his career (3.49 ERA, 127 ERA+, 4.3 rWAR over 167 innings).

Entering this season, De La Rosa has produced 4.7 rWAR over the last three years while being paid $31 million to do so ($6.6 million per WAR). If he'd been healthy, that would almost assuredly have been a different story, but alas he was not. If De La Rosa can repeat 2013 in his contract year, that contract certainly won't look so bad and De La Rosa just might stay here in Colorado.

All of which is a long way of saying the Jorge De La Rosa will be making his Spring Training debut today against the Milwaukee Brewers. Godspeed Jorge. Godspeed.

Rockies Lineup

Looks like quite a few regulars scheduled for action today. That is, if the grounds crew can get the field ready in time:

Game thread will be up at 1.