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Game Preview: Rox vs. Sox, Nicasio vs. Sale

It's Rockies vs. White Sox and time is running out for players to claim one of the last remaining undecided roster spots.

Scott Cunningham

Are you ready for some baseball!?!?

It's a Thursday afternoon party!

We're gonna have Rowbots, reactions, and cat pics!

We're gonna get this thing started!


Okay that's enough of that. Today's game of fake baseball brings the Rockies a nice challenge from one of the best left-handed starters in baseball; Chris Sale.

Opposite him stand Juan Nicasio, eager to prove that his hiccups have been just that and not indiciative of a pitcher who remains wildly inconsistent. Nicasio's spot is pretty much guaranteed at this point but he could go a long way toward easing some Rockies fans unease with a nice outing today.

We are getting down the nitty-gritty and as Bryan Kilpatrick wrote today, there are still a few players on the cusp who's position to start the year hang in the balance.

Getting closer and closer to the last chances to make an impression, the pressure is magnified and while I generally am among those who are more dismissive of Spring Training stats, the next few days performances could still swing some of these close decisions for finalizing the Rockies bench.

I'm glad it's not my decision to make, but I would probably go with Ryan Wheeler over Paul Janish because as I see it, Janish is best used as insurance for Tulo in which case he can be called up in the unfortunate case of a DL stint for our star short stop.

I'd really rather not lose Kahnle, in fact more than that I'd love to see him pitch for the Rockies this season. Other than that, I have no strong opinions and am excited to see how these final days of Spring play out.