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Rockies Game Wrap 3/26: Giants 8 Rockies 6 - Rockies bats knock around Matt Cain, JDLR masterful, relievers goof

Jorge de la Rosa's final tuneup before opening day was dominant, and the middle of the lineup pulverized Matt Cain. Unfortunately, the bullpen did not bring their A game.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If this game had been real, it would be one of the most frustrating games ever. All was hunky-dory to start, as the Colorado Rockies piled up 6 runs against Matt Cain. Meanwhile, Opening Day starter Jorge de la Rosa blanked the Giants for 6 beautiful frames, exacting 7 whiffs while allowing only three hits and a walk. It's hard to imagine Jorge having a better final tuneup before facing Miami in five days.

The 3, 4, and 5 hitters of the Rockies lineup (Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, and Nolan Arenado) terrorized Matt Cain, going a combined 5 for 11 with five RBI's and four extra base hits. Arenado added a double and a triple to his impressive spring ledger, as he paced the team with three runs driven in. Michael McKenry, possible backup catcher, picked up the other RBI in a two-hit day.

As the battle for the final outfielder spot reaches its conclusion, Charlie Blackmon and Corey Dickerson both got the start at the one- and two-holes respectively. Charlie failed to record a hit but walked twice, while Dickerson banged out another two base hits and worked a walk. Blackmon is hitting .212 on the spring while Dickerson sits at a lofty .379.

Unfortunately, the bullpen sabotaged de la Rosa's gem, as they allowed a disappointing eight runs. Closer LaTroy Hawkins worked the 7th, and gave up a two run bomb to Hunter Pence. The Giants broadcasters seemed to believe there was a steady breeze carrying balls in the outfield today, but it would behoove Hawkins to avoid giving up these long fly balls.

The big blow came next inning, when Nick Masset loaded the bases and gave up a no-doubter grand slam to Jarret Parker. He should have escaped the inning unscathed, but a dropped-third-strike allowed the inning to continue. Such is baseball.

Rex Brothers, probably Colorado's best reliever, worked the 9th and promptly walked a guy then gave up a game-ending home run.

So the Rockies lost eight to six. No big deal. De la Rosa was fantastic and the lineup hit well against a tough pitcher. Relievers have bad days, and it sounded like both Brothers' and Hawkins' homeruns were wind-driven. Masset won't sniff the Opening Day roster (and is behind, like five other guys at AAA). And of course, it's Spring Training. It's like when Neo lost the fight to Morpheus in the dojo; a lot of encouraging things happened, and who cares who wins, it ain't real.

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