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Rockpile Links 3/28: Rockies a rebuilder or a contender?

Are the Rockies rebuilding or will they contend?

Norm Hall

The Most Interesting NL Rebuilder: The Colorado Rockies - Tony Blengino

Alright, I guess the headline is answered already. This piece really is a must read. It breaks down the Coors Field problem and how the current Rockies roster performs in that environment.

Charlie Blackmon, Corey Dickerson Catch a Break in Rockies Outfield - Denver Post

Six outfielders? If you say so...

Around the League

Renck: MLB can't let cheaters prosper with PEDs - Denver Post

Troy Renck applauds the stiffer penalties instituted for testing positive for PEDs

Source: Miggy, Tigers agree on extension -

Miguel Cabrera, already a wealthy man, just became THE MOST wealthy man.