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Rockpile Links, 3/30: Chatwood ready, Cargo and Tulo playing to stay together

This could be the season that Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki prove, one way or the other, whether the can co-captain a contender.

Dustin Bradford

Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki know that pressure is one them to win now if they want to stay together, says Troy Renck at the Denver Post.

Woody Paige talks about the health factor for this team and picks them to win 79 games this season. Even Colorado's governor is weighing in:

"Tulo's got to stay healthy. If CarGo doesn't stay healthy, I'd give up my re-election bid." -Gov, John Hickenlooper

Speaking of health, Patrick Saunders reports that Tyler Chatwood's hamstring injury is "minor" and that he should make his first scheduled start.

Parts of this article drive me nuts, but it's still a nice look from Mark Kiszla at Troy Tulowitzki and how he is handling the newness of being a father.

Around the League:

Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs explains why Miguel Cabrera's contract is not the the biggest in the history of forever. And not even close, really.

From a few days ago, but this article from Matt Swartz at the Hardball Times does a great job of evaluating the world of evaluating players in a WAR per dollar fashion. Fascinating stuff on determining the value of baseball players; a must read.