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Rockies have MLB's third-worst odds of winning World Series

Here's a list of MLB World Series, pennant and division title odds. Don't blow all of your money.

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There's a crappy "resort" town about 90 minutes west of Salt Lake City called Wendover. It's right on the Utah-Nevada state line, and the Nevada side is where people from up and down the Wasatch Front go to get their gambling fix. Prior to the start of each MLB season since I turned 21, I've made the trip to that wasteland to put $10 on the Rockies to win the World Series, just for the hell of it.

One year, I decided to be a risk-taker and put down $20. That year was 2007, when the Rockies entered the season with 75/1 odds of winning it all. Clearly, I should have placed the bet on the Rockies winning the NL pennant, but I digress.

Maybe I'll put down $20 again this year, as the Rockies enter the 2014 campaign with the same 75/1 World Series odds they had seven years earlier, according to Only the Marlins, Twins and Astros are seen by Vegas as having worse odds of winning a championship than the Rockies, who in addition have only a 40/1 shot of winning the pennant and a 16/1 chance of finishing atop their division.

The Dodgers boast MLB's best World Series odds at 13/2, and they're an easy 1/2 favorite to win the NL West.

But to hell with all of that ... $1500 sounds good right about now, does it not? Anyway, here's the full list:

Odds to win the 2014 World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers 13/2
St. Louis Cardinals 8/1
Detroit Tigers 9/1
Boston Red Sox 12/1
Tampa Bay Rays 12/1
Washington Nationals 12/1
New York Yankees 14/1
San Francisco Giants 16/1
Texas Rangers 16/1
Oakland Athletics 18/1
Atlanta Braves 20/1
Los Angeles Angels 20/1
Cincinnati Reds 22/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 28/1
Seattle Mariners 28/1
Baltimore Orioles 33/1
Kansas City Royals 33/1
Philadelphia Phillies 33/1
Toronto Blue Jays 33/1
Cleveland Indians 40/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 50/1
Chicago White Sox 50/1
San Diego Padres 50/1
Chicago Cubs 66/1
Milwaukee Brewers 66/1
Colorado Rockies 75/1
New York Mets 75/1
Miami Marlins 100/1
Minnesota Twins 100/1
Houston Astros 200/1

Odds to win the 2014 AL Pennant
Detroit Tigers 17/4
Boston Red Sox 6/1
Tampa Bay Rays 6/1
New York Yankees 13/2
Texas Rangers 8/1
Oakland Athletics 9/1
Los Angeles Angels 11/1
Seattle Mariners 14/1
Baltimore Orioles 16/1
Kansas City Royals 16/1
Toronto Blue Jays 16/1
Cleveland Indians 20/1
Chicago White Sox 25/1
Minnesota Twins 50/1
Houston Astros 100/1

Odds to win the 2014 NL Pennant
Los Angeles Dodgers 11/4
St. Louis Cardinals 19/4
Washington Nationals 11/2
San Francisco Giants 15/2
Atlanta Braves 9/1
Cincinnati Reds 10/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 14/1
Philadelphia Phillies 16/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 22/1
San Diego Padres 25/1
Chicago Cubs 28/1
Milwaukee Brewers 28/1
New York Mets 33/1
Colorado Rockies 40/1
Miami Marlins 50/1

Odds to win the 2014 AL EAST
New York Yankees 12/5
Boston Red Sox 11/5
Tampa Bay Rays 11/5
Toronto Blue Jays 7/1
Baltimore Orioles 7/1

Odds to win the 2014 AL CENTRAL
Detroit Tigers 4/9
Kansas City Royals 4/1
Cleveland Indians 7/1
Chicago White Sox 8/1
Minnesota Twins 33/1

Odds to win the 2014 AL WEST
Texas Rangers 7/4
Oakland Athletics 2/1
Los Angeles Angels 9/4
Seattle Mariners 7/1
Houston Astros 50/1

Odds to win the 2014 NL EAST
Washington Nationals 1/1
Atlanta Braves 5/4
Philadelphia Phillies 15/2
New York Mets 18/1
Miami Marlins 25/1

Odds to win the 2014 NL CENTRAL
St. Louis Cardinals 4/7
Cincinnati Reds 15/4
Pittsburgh Pirates 15/4
Milwaukee Brewers 14/1
Chicago Cubs 25/1

Odds to win the 2014 NL WEST
Los Angeles Dodgers 1/2
San Francisco Giants 13/4
Arizona Diamondbacks 8/1
San Diego Padres 10/1
Colorado Rockies 16/1