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Saturday Rockpile links: 3/8; Ringolsby talks to Anderson and more

Christian Petersen

Rockies Link:

The Rockies are featured on today as Tracy Ringolsby talked to new acquisition Brett Anderson about his return from injuries that plagued each of his last three seasons and his new surroundings in Colorado.

Stories from around MLB:

From the Denver Post, Troy Renck has a piece on the late Dr. Frank Jobe, who pioneered Tommy John surgery, saving the careers of hundreds of pitchers.

On a similar note, Sports Illustrated's Cliff Corcoran pays tribute to Dr. Jobe by profiling the best post-Tommy John surgery careers for pitchers, including the surgery's namesake.

Over at ESPN, Jayson Stark talked to Twins first baseman Joe Mauer about his move to first base and what it means for him to not be catching anymore.

Meanwhile, Beyond the Box Score discusses the new Golden Age of HBPs, noting that batters are getting hit by pitches at a rate unseen since the 19th century.