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Rockies social media roundup, Week 2: David Dahl may not be using Twitter but he is still on it

David Dahl was the talk on twitter this week in the minor leagues while changes dominated the major league roster.

Doug Pensinger

Not a large week of info in the social media interweb for the Colorado Rockies this week. Of particular note were some tweets about David Dahl:

Here is some footage of Dahl, including the homerun:

His defense was also praised:

and here:

As for the big league club, the media focused on Charlie Blackmon's hot start (and PoW honors) along with Corey Dickerson and Wilton Lopez going to Colorado Springs for Boone Logan and Josh Rutledge. There were too many tweets to post individually but visit the Purple Row Twitter account to see what was said about their demotions and who might be next here.

Blackmon has an issue with his video game self:

Ryan Spilborghs is getting used to his transition out of the clubhouse and into the press:

But at least he gets one of the giveaway gnomes....

The Rockies finished up their last series with the White Sox by winning the game and series. Unfortunately for the Sox and their fans, Avisail Garcia tore his labrum on his second dive play shown here. I hope he recovers as quickly as possible as he seemed to be an exciting player even though he did haunt the Rockies on Tuesday when two of his five hits were home runs.

That is all I have for the week, please post your own internet finds below to share with the rest of us. Have a good weekend and, as always, GO ROCKIES!