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Game Preview: Tyler Chatwood makes season debut for Rockies

Tyler Chatwood makes his season debut for the Colorado Rockies.

Doug Pensinger

Ohhhhhh, our Chatwood's back and you're gonna be in trouble! Hey-la, day-la, our Chatwood's back!

You see him comin', better cut out on the double, hey-la day-la, our Chatwood's back!

But seriously folks, today should be an exciting day for Rockies fans as promising young starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood returns to the team and to the hill to take on hated division rival the San Francisco Giants.

Chatwood hurt himself legging out a triple in spring training (which was silly) and many doubt whether he can repeat his excellent performance from last season, but for a rotation that is already missing Jhoulys Chacin and now Brett Anderson (in addition to Jorge de la Rosa's struggles) Tyler Chatwood is a very, very welcome sight.

While many expect regression, Chatwood has shown an ability to be effective at the MLB level and the chance that he continues or improves upon what he found last season is at the very least and intriguing proposition. Today is Chatwood's first step in proving that last season was not a fluke.

Coming off a gutsy 1-0 win in a place where such things often seem impossible, the Colorado Rockies offense will be facing down new Giant Tim Hudson. Purple Row community member ES46NE10 posted this graph that I think pretty much sums up how Rockies fans (and possibly the Rockies themselves) feel about playing games in AT&T Park.



The Rockies, despite some perplexing moments, however have been in each game in this series and if they can do a better job today of bringing in runners when they get on base (and by runners I of course mean Charlie Blackmon) they have a decent shot at coming away with another rare win in San Francisco.

And Carlos Gonzalez doesn't have to worry about his abysmal numbers against Matt Cain today.