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Monday Rockpile: Escaping from hell

The Rockies actually played well in most aspects of the game this weekend in San Francisco, but as usual, the deals the franchise by the Bay makes with the devil were too much to overcome.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Well, if that series was not emblematic of a typical Rockies series in San Francisco, I don't know what more it needed. First they lose the opening game by one run after a pitcher hits a grand slam against them and home plate umpire Dan Iassogna gives the Giants a feel job in the ninth inning, they finish the series losing on a walk off home run in extra innings to a player with a career slugging percentage of .353 after nearly losing on a walk off inside the park home run for the second year in a row, and then they pay for a win in the middle game of the series by losing Brett Anderson for 4-6 weeks. (I knew that a 1-0 victory in Satan's vacation house was too good to be true)

This is the third member of the big four in the Rockies rotation to hit the disabled list and we are just 13 games into the season. The only good news here is that so far they have not lost anyone for an extremely long period of time, and looking around major league baseball, major injuries are everywhere, especially in the starting rotation.

Look no further than the NL West. The Rockies have already lost Tyler Chatwood, Jhoulys Chacin, and now Brett Anderson for different amounts of time, the Dodgers are without Clayton Kershaw for the opening month, Arizona has lost their ace Patrick Corbin and others to Tommy John surgery, the Padres are without their big off season signing Josh Johnson and are concerned about his lack of progress, and the Giants have lost.....Oh wait, that's right, the Giants have a golden horseshoe shoved up their rear end and have not had to deal with this problem despite failing to assemble an ounce of starting pitch depth on their roster beyond their front five. I still believe they will pay dearly for this by summer (and I'm counting down the days to that like a kid counts down the last few weeks of school), but it's just so, so tiresome to watch this insufferable franchise benefit on a consistent basis by just being luckier than everyone else when it comes to the health of their starting rotation.

The Giants are the guy in the casino hitting on 20 and getting an ace every time when it comes to the health of their rotation compared to everybody else.

Mercifully moving on to San Diego, the Rockies hope Jordan Lyles can enjoy more success there than he's had in his first three starts.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Troy Renck today as he officially leaves the Rockies to cover the Broncos. I'm really going to miss Troy as he's done an exceptional job over the years. I've been reading his coverage of the team since long before I found Purple Row, so not having his voice at the Post is going to be a big adjustment. If you're reading this, thanks for everything Troy and good luck with your new challenge.