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Rockies social media roundup, Week 3: Brett Anderson wins Twitter, plus much more

The Rockies' injured hurler showed why he is one of the best player follows around.

Justin Edmonds

Injured Rockies starter Brett Anderson couldn't do much pitching this week, so he entertained us in another way -- by being hilarious on Twitter.

I'm sure people were wondering how he was doing after undergoing an operation that included the insertion of four small pins to his left index finger, and the 26-year-old obliged by tweeting this:

Sadly, I'm sure the joke was lost on a large portion of people who regularly type that way and think nothing was out of the norm.

Anderson happens to share my opinion on dreadlocks (yuck), and made his thoughts on the matter public:

Weed? Yeah, OK. I can dig it. Dreadlocks? GTFO. Not in a million years (apologies to all of my friends who sport dreadlocks, but you know I'm not shy about telling you how I feel).

What Anderson lacks in love for dreadlocks, he makes up for with a passion for heavy music:

@ABRBand happens to be metalcore group August Burns Red (check them out here). They're not necessarily my flavor of heavy music (I grew out of metalcore years ago), but I can appreciate the fact that Anderson doesn't have the taste in "music" as, say, a guy like Troy Tulowitzki.

Speaking of Tulo, while his taste in music leaves a lot to be desired, the dude sure can play. And, of course, Anderson recognizes that:

As good as Tulo is at shortstop, Nolan Arenado might be even better at third. I never thought I'd say that, but ... well, just look.

Here's the video:

Over on Instagram, we saw a couple of the Rockies players showing their love for No. 42 on Jackie Robinson Day ... ... and posted a dual-selfie! Meanwhile, Rockies starter Jhoulys Chacin just wants to get back on the mound.

Finally, on Facebook, we saw a photo of a legendary Rockies player being honored:

And, some pics of Dinger and the Rockies' social media team in MY hometown!

(Nuggets fans, cover your eyes)