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Wednesday Rockpile: De La Rosa & Rosario get on same page, Simpsons softball

The best Rockies links and analysis from around the web, 4/2/14

Mike Ehrmann

Thus far the 2014 season is going poorly for the Rockies after Colorado's second straight loss, but the beauty of baseball is that the team has 160 games to turn it around. Let's hope that the turnaround starts today.

Rockies Links

Jorge De La Rosa vows to get on "same page" with Wilin Rosario - The Denver Post

Jorge says his meltdown in the 5th inning on Monday had nothing to do with Wilin Rosario, and that he was just frustrated with himself. Either way, it's something that the two players absolutely need to get worked out before their next start, because that was a pretty absurd display.

Brett Anderson's first big league hit kind of a big deal

Anderson got his first hit since high school, a bloop that just eluded a diving defender and then rolled far enough so that Anderson was able to roll into second with a double. Naturally, Anderson portrays it as a screaming line drive.

Colorado Rockies and Toronto Blue Jays make awful Opening Day roster choices - MLB - ESPN

Paul Swydan (also of Fangraphs) looks at which teams made the worst Opening Day roster decisions in this ESPN Insider article. The Rockies carrying six outfielders + Jordan Pacheco tops his list.

Rox hope spring start of things to come for Stubbs | News

Rockies fans hope so too, though his 2014 got off to a 0-5 start yesterday.

Todd Helton feels "a little weird" watching Rockies play without him - The Denver Post

For the first time in 17 years, Todd Helton is not walking through that door for the Rockies. It's a little weird for all of us Todd.

Marlins Ballpark tour - The Denver Post

Troy Renck, in his final days on the Rockies beat, has a brief video tour of a place that few fans have seen in person, Marlins Park.

Pitcher Tyler Matzek's progression not just another walk in park - The Denver Post

Irv Moss writes about the progression of Matzek, Colorado's first round pick in 2009. The wild thing will begin this year at AAA Colorado Springs and figures to be a part of Colorado's rotation and bullpen depth this season.

General Baseball Links

The Burns-Smithers Question – The Hardball Times

The Hardball Times asks the hard questions - like would Mr. Burns' preferred team of softball ringers have beaten the team that Smithers ended up picking out for him (you know, if they were all alive at the same time). It's very in-depth and well worth your time.

A Universal Pastime Meets the National Pastime – The Hardball Times

The Hardball Times also wrote about the history of beer in baseball - how it went from taboo substance to sponsor of stadium naming rights.

Green light: a study of 3-0 swings - Beyond the Box Score

Beyond the Boxscore looks at how often do hitters swing on 3-0, and the results that they get. As you might expect, when hitters do pull the trigger on 3-0, they're pretty successful.

Miguel Cabrera, When It’s All Said And Done | FanGraphs Baseball

Tony Blengino of Fangraphs writes about Cabrera as he is now and as he will be at the end of his mammoth contract.