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Saturday Rockpile: Bullpen issues and All-Star voting

Bullpen issues and All-Star voting

Stephen Dunn

Great late-night victory for the Rockies last night may have kept most journalists up to late and so not much writing about them this morning.  Here is what is out there:

Blackmon lifts Rockies to 11-inning win in LA -

Good information about the game last night in case you missed it or went to sleep before the exciting end.

Nicasio, Malhom lock horns for Rockies, Dodgers -

Thomas Harding's group of mini-articles today starts with a preview of Saturday's games and goes on to talk about Carlos Gonzalez's struggles, Clayton Kershaw's rehab, and the Dodger's short bench due to carrying 13 pitchers.

Bettis sent to Triple-A to refine command of pitches -

Another group of articles that Harding posted last night that includes the move with Bettis and Martin that were reported on here at Purple Row yesterday.

Matt Belisle providing little relief for Rockies -

Matt Belisle's on again, off again season continues as he followed up seven scoreless outings with two bad innings.

Fans can reward Blackmon, Rox with All-Star vote -

A plug for voting Rockies into the All-Star game.

Who's been pitching where -

Jeff Sullivan looks at what pitchers throw to the extremes of high, low, inside, and out.  Surprisingly, the Rockies do not have anyone on the list of pitching low even though they emphasize it for groundballs, although, a former Rockies does lead that list.

The Twins new plan: don't swing -

The twins lead the majors in runs scored  per game with a new patient approach, which leads me to wonder if the Rockies will focus on seeing more pitches per plate appearance.