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Game 28: Chatwood vs. Bolsinger

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Troy Tulowitzki has a .439 / .545 / 1.000 (1.545 OPS) batting split over his last ten games. He'll try to keep it going tonight.

Norm Hall

The Rockies will try to secure a series win against the D'Backs with a win tonight.

Today's Lineups

Charlie Blackmon - CF Tony Campana - LF
DJ LeMahieu - 2B Gerardo Parra - RF
Carlos Gonzalez - LF Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Miguel Montero - C
Justin Morneau - 1B Aaron Hill - 2B
Nolan Arenado - 3B Eric Chavez - 3B
Corey Dickerson - RF A.J. Pollock - CF
Jordan Pacheco - C Chris Owings - SS
Tyler Chatwood - RHP Michael Bolsinger - RHP