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Game wrap #4: Marlins 8, Rockies 5

The Rockies had a series split within their grasp, just to see it all slide away.

Marc Serota
Franklin Morales was not exactly sharp in his re-debut with the Rockies but he handed a 5-3 lead over to the bullpen after five and one third innings. What happened at the end of the game should probably have been expected after forcing a bullpen to pitch an average of three innings a day for four straight days.

Matt Belisle, pitching for the second straight day, pitched the eighth because Rex Brothers had already been used for two straight days. Four singles and a walk later, the thought of a series split was forgotten and concern grew over how this bullpen will be able to hold up as the team returns to Colorado for their first series there over the weekend.

As far as positives for the Rockies, Corey Dickerson led off for the first time this season and showed why his offense may make up for his defense. A walk followed by a stolen base and another base due to a throwing error got him to third base in the first inning where he scored without a hit when he came home on a Michael Cuddyer ground out. He then assured that Michael Cuddyer's strong day was a success as he got on via a hit in front of Cuddy's home run in the third.

Troy Tulowitzki had a good game as well. He got on base three times, scoring twice largely due to Nolan Arenado finding his bat and getting two RBIs on two hits. In what has been a common theme, though, the whole team couldn't get going together and they left several runs on the bases. The hot four for today accounted for seven of the Rockies' ten hits and all of their RBIs and runs.

On the pitching side, Frankie Mo showed some good and bad. Tommy Kahnle probably had the best outing of the three pitchers used, although he gave up a run as well.

Thank goodness this series, and the awful green stadium, is in the Rockies' rear view mirror. Now they can get home and work on bettering their record against division rival Arizona.

Source: FanGraphs

Rowbots in attendance: this will have to be posted at a later time, current computer will not let me get to the website.