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Rockies Social Media Recap, Week 1: David Dahl takes Twitter hiatus, Ryan Spilborghs admires Charlie Blackmon's beard

David Dahl's choice of details to tweet might have resulted in his hiatus from the social networking site. That, and more, in this week's roundup!

No need to check facebook while at the stadium, we have you covered here at purplerow
No need to check facebook while at the stadium, we have you covered here at purplerow
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you follow the Rockies happenings on Twitter and Facebook, and even have alerts sent to your work email. For others, like me, who are not as up on all of the 24/7 social media coverage of our favorite team, this article will bring you the interesting and, more importantly, funny things that have happened in the Rockies' small, dark corner of the Internet during the week.

Please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts -- and your own discoveries -- in the comments section below.


This week we had a sign on Twitter from David Dahl that he might be maturing:

Then again, he could be the second coming of Ian Stewart:

Let's hope that his moratorium on venturing into the real world doesn't include baseball practice and games.

Moving onto the big leagues, Ryan Spilborghs discussed Charlie Blackmon's wearing of his number and his outstanding beard that has been admired by many:

On a sadder note, the purple row of seats that bequeathed this site its name has been removed -- but only in upper right field -- for a rooftop party area, but its memory will remain:

Perhaps in an effort to appease the Purple Row fan base, a purple row (line) has been added to Blake Street in front of Coors Field:

If you want to see what is, in my opinion, the sweetest home run swing of the year so far, check out this link. Here is an image to give a hint:

COL@MIA: CarGo crushes a solo shot to right-center


I hope you have enjoyed this quick look at the social media offerings from the past week. To see all of this stuff and more as it happens, like us on Facebook and give us a follow on Twitter. Just don't try and find me on the latter, as I am not hiding there, as one Purple Row reader thought. I am just too old fashioned to have an account. However, you can always find me here on Purple Row, which is where I will continue to scour the web to bring you interesting Rockies-related social media content every week.