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Friday Rockpile: Opening Day in Denver

News and links from around the web

Doug Pensinger

Fans' Thirst for Baseball at Coors Field Undeterred by Poor Play - The Denver Post

Denverites support their Rockies, as today's sold out Opening Day indicates, but their frustrations with the team's poor play are mounting.

Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies outfielder, is Happy to Return to Denver - The Denver Post

Cargo and the Rockies are eager to start playing games at 20th and Blake

Hochman: Instant Replay Offers Baseball Fans the Right Call - The Denver Post

Hochman's take on how the Rockies' first few usages of instant replay have gone.

Rockies Welcome D'Backs for home opener -

Juan Nicasio gets the start against Arizona as Coors Field opens for business.

Around the League

Bees descend on Chase Field but can't deter D'Backs outfielder from making the catch -

A swarm of bees interrupted yesterday's D'Backs game. Major props to for including the Nic Cage Wicker Man scene. NOT THE BEEEEEEES!

Jason Kipnis, Indians, agree to 6 year $52.5 million extension - SB Nation

Yet another star (or near star) locked up by his home--and small-market--club. I love this trend; it means one less player available for the grubby paws of the Yankees and the Dodgers.