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Rockies' roster crunch coming soon

Who stays and who goes as players start coming off of the disabled list?

Doug Pensinger

Boone Logan could be with the team as early as Sunday. Tyler Chatwood may be back by the end of the week. All reports have Jhoulys Chacin on progress to return at the beginning of May, if not sooner.  Other than the fairly obvious move of returning Jordan Lyles to Colorado Springs, although he has given a good effort so far, there are not many other easy decisions for Rockies management.

The team couldn't choose between their six outfielders to start the season, but it seems like the most likely place to cut from to bring up Boone Logan.  Unfortunately for the Rockies, five of their next ten games are against left-handed starting pitchers after not seeing a single one in their first five games.  Stubbs and Barnes will now get a chance to show why they belong.  However, Walt Weiss' decision to keep Dickerson with the team to start the season shows that he doesn't like any other options for a lefty bench bat so Barnes, or Stubbs, could still be the odd man out.

As Jay Tymkovich wrote here yesterday, there are certainly players in the bullpen that could be sent packing to assist Boone Logan's return.  If not now, one of the will likely be moved when Chacin comes back and Morales is returned to the bullpen, assuming that the Rockies stick with the rest of their starting rotation.

Added to this is the fact that the Rockies probably need to have another middle infielder on their team to give Troy Tulowitzki a break.  Paul Jannish, who can leave the club midsummer if he is not with the big league team, and Josh Rutledge have both started of decently for Colorado Springs after hitting well in spring training and are likely candidates.

For a management group that looked at the tough decision of which outfielders to keep and couldn't make up their minds, this next month will be fraught with difficult choices.  How they decide to manage these personnel issues could have a huge impact on the direction of the team.