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Saturday Rockpile: Nolan Arenado's streak snapped

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Because we don't want you to feel too good about anything, here are a bunch of links about Arenado's hitting streak coming to an end.

Joe Robbins

Unfortunately for Nolan Arenado, a walk doesn't keep his streak alive. Even though he did the best thing for his team by getting on base to be the tying run last night, Nolan didn't get a hit and his team-record hitting streak was stopped at 28. As you can imagine, that was the focus of the media even though another important Rockies streak was broken.  Until last night, Colorado had not lost back-to-back games since April 13 and 14. The only other time the club lost back-to-back games this year? The first two games of the season. That's quite a recipe for success.

On Arenado and his streak ending:

Arenado takes walk in ninth to end hit streak - Thomas Harding,

Harding discusses how Nolan put the team before himself in his last at bat of the game last night.

Arenado's hit streak over in Rockies' loss -

Video highlights of the game and the end of the streak.

Joey Votto homer drops Rockies; Nolan Arenado hit streak ends - Patrick Saunders,

The Post chose not to block me today so you can read their article about the game last night via the above link.

Other Rockies' news:

Cuddyer takes first batting practice since hamstring injury - Thomas Harding,

This group of mini-articles starts off with good news about Michael Cuddyer, who may be a couple of weeks from returning to the team.  It also mentioned Morneau being back in the lineup, Masset being a happy surprise for the Rox, and the fact that during Arenado's hitting streak, Troy Tulowitzki was actually the best hitter in baseball by batting average, OBP, slugging percentage, extra-base hits, home runs, and walks.

Lyles aims to control Reds' hitter-friendly park - Thomas Harding,

Harding discusses Lyles' good start and how his success at Coors can work at Great American Ballpark.  Also in this article, Aroldis Chapman could return to the Reds tonight, Wilin Rosario and Josh Rutledge are returning to baseball activities, and apparently the Reds have taken on the Rockies' habit of getting thrown out at home to a new extreme.

Wasted pitches and the pitchers who make the most of them - Blake Murphy,

While Jhoulys Chacin makes one of the lists of pitchers in this article, the item that stuck out the most was the list at the end that shows who swings at these bad pitches the most. Arenado and Rosario both make this infamous top ten.

FG on Fox: The Rockies strikeout avoidance - Jeff Sullivan,

An introduction to an interesting article on Fox Sports regarding how the Rockies are bucking the league-wide trend of increasing strikeout rates.