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Sunday Rockpile: Troy Tulowitzki is the perfect mentor for Nolan Arenado

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Today we look into several aspects of the Rockies organization and ask the question: is this for real?

Justin Edmonds

A trio of excellent articles (as per usual) from Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post get us started of thus snowy Sunday morning.

First, he discusses the reasons to believe in this team and why they believe in themselves. Roll your eyes all you like at the chemistry stuff, Saunders provides plenty of reasons the Rockies will remain competitive in 2014.

Saunders also delves into, as many of us have recently, the Rockies road performance this season. Since it can be so en vogue to dismiss the Rockies offensive numbers based on "LOLCoorz" Saunders thought he might mention that the numbers don't support that claim.

He doesn't use this number in the piece, but the Rockies are 4th in the National League in wRC+ on the road.

Great, great, stuffin this piece about Troy Tulowitzki mentoring Nolan Arenado, especially on defense. Nothing in there about UZR or DRS, but Tulo, Nado, Walt Weiss, and Blake Doyle all seem to agree that Arenado's mental approach to all aspects of the game is a big factor in his break-out.

Our good friends over at Rockies Zingers  (Ryan Hammon) asks whether or not Rockies prospect Ryan McMahon is for real. Excellent summation of his career thus far and where it might be headed.