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Royals 5, Rockies 1: Franklin gives the Rockies more of less

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And the award for the most boring game of the year goes to...

Jamie Squire

The Rockies fell victim to two ugly truths in Tuesday's 5-1 loss to Kansas City: Franklin Morales isn't very good, and good pitching beats good hitting. Both could become problematic over the next month.

For Morales, it's the fourth consecutive game which he's allowed at least four earned runs, and if you subjected yourself to all 99 pitches of this repugnant excuse of a start, you know it was so much worse than that.

Of the 20 batters Morales faced in the first four innings, he fell behind 15 of them either 1-0 or 2-1, and in the five instances he didn't, the Royals got a hit three times.

His strike out to walk ratio was also hideous, as he walked four and struck out zero. I'll repeat; he walked four and struck out ZERO! He also threw more than twice as many balls out of the strike zone as James Shields.

The only reason - The ONLY reason this game wasn't a complete blowout is because Kansas City's offense absolutely sucks. After tonight's game, Franklin Morales has given up 29% of all the home runs they've hit at home in 2014 as both Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Perez went deep in this one. For Cain, it's the first home run he's hit since the fourth of July last season.

No matter how well the Rockies defense plays (Tulo made another great play tonight), they can't protect against walks and home runs, and Morales specialized in both tonight.

Watching Morales pitch like this is about as thrilling as sitting in a dentist chair for two hours. Throw in the fact that Kansas City's offense is straight out of the dead ball era and the bottom half of every inning felt like some bad Triple-A game. The sub 16,000 attendance figure didn't help much with that feeling either.

When Morales mercifully left the mound, Tommy Kahnle came in and worked a pair of scoreless innings before Nick Masset walked two and gave up a run in the eighth.

For the night, Colorado pitching walked seven and failed to strike out a single batter; and oh by the way, this came against the offense that ranks dead last in the entire American League according to wRC+.

Meanwhile, the normally potent Colorado offense was completely shut down by James Shields, Wade Davis, and Aaron Crow. The only run came in the fourth inning on singles from Troy Tulowitzki, Nolan Arenado, and Justin Morneau.

In complete opposite fashion from what we saw from the Rockies, Kansas City pitching struck out 12 and only walked one. The "one" being Troy Tulowitzki who now ranks third in the NL in BB% at 17.0%.

The entire affair was just a highly forgettable night for the Rockies. The best thing about it was nobody got injured.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, because thinking anymore about tonight's game is going to give me narcolepsy, the Rockies have Jhoulys Chacin (0-1, 4.91) on the mound facing off against Jason Vargas (3-1, 3.04) at 12:10 p.m. Mountain Time. Colorado must win this game in order to avoid a very discouraging 2-5 road trip.


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