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This Rockies Week on the Web

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

With two off days this week, the Colorado Rockies didn't have as much game time.  Unfortunately for us that also decreased the amount of time they were shown and talked about on the net.  Here is what I found for the week.

It is an old picture, but squirrels are always fun to see, courtesy of the Rockies twitter page:

Yesterday was apparently both Brandon Barnes' and Justin Morneau's birthdays, you get one guess on who is older.  Spoiler alert...Justin has him by five years, 33 vs. 28.

Has Charlie Blackmon's success this year gotten in his head yet?  Glad you asked, Charlie Blackmon has let his early season success effect him sooo much  that his head is now bigger than some pitchers.

Apparently Nolan Arenado's dad handed out some signed baseball's on Thursday in Kansas City.  I was at the game but never saw him or this group.

In case you want to relive Arenado's hit streak, there is a link inside this post from the Rockies' facebook page:

What did I miss that you saw on the web this week?  Post it below to share with your fellow Rockies fans.