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Saturday rockpile: Home cooking

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After a rough week on the road that saw the Rockies lose every day they were not having a day off since the start of the week, it was good to see the Rockies at home

Justin Edmonds

The Rockies came home, where national media would have you believe the ball goes out of the park if you sneeze at it, and won a pitcher's duel.  After a rough week on the road that saw the Rockies lose every day they were not having a day off since the start of the week, it was good to have a win.  Here are your Saturday morning articles, discussing the win, Rockies recovering from injuries, and more.

Jorge De La Rosa takes no-hitter into the 7th, then Rockies hold on -

Game recap that discusses JDLR's dominance last night as the Rockies returned from their road trip.

Rox rotation thriving on Coors Field home cooking - Tracy Ringolsby,

Great article about how the Rockies' pitching rotation has found success at Coors Field over the last couple of years.  Tracy Ringolsby throws in enough stats to prove the point, but not to make it bog down the article.  Interesting to note that the team has four of the best seven pitchers (by ERA) for Coors field in their rotation right now (Chatwood is technically on the DL).

Arenado tossed for arguing called third strike - Jack Etkin,

Apparently it is becoming a national hobby of umpires to throw Rockies' batters out of the game.  From what Nolan Arenado says in this article, he may have deserved it slightly more than Troy Tulowitzki did in the game before.  Still, Walt Weiss' comments do not show much support for his young third baseman.

Wilin Rosario due back for Rockies on Sunday - Patrick Saunders,

Saunders provides good news about Wilin and updates us on recoveries of Michael Cuddyer and Tyler Chatwood.  He also mentions Walt Weiss not being concerned about the large number of strikeouts on the road and points to the good pitchers the Rockies faced in the last few games...I would have mentioned the really bad strike zones as well.

Cuddyer expected to come off DL on Tuesday - Jack Etkin,

Speaking of players returning, Cuddyer will be back soon as well.  While Wilin's return will require a simple demotion of Michael McKenry, Cuddy's return will make for a hard decision on who stays and who goes in the outfield.

San Diego's historically tenuous trio - Blake Murphy,

Interesting look at why the Padres have an historically bad offense this season and how it mostly is the result of three players.

Fan injured in elevator shaft fall - Gordon Edes,

This took place at Boston's Fenway Park and I hope that the young lady is safe.  That said, the title of this article shocked me and I wanted to share the dangers of being in one of the two oldest stadiums in mlb.  It could be worse, at Wrigley Field they have had concrete falling from the ceiling.