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Sunday Rockpile: Tony LaRussa comes to the NL West, Andrelton Simmons regressing on defense

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A few quick morning links.


Woddy Paige says that the Rockies are relevant but need to call up a pitcher.

Patrick Saunder takes a look at the difficulty hard-throwing pitchers are having remaining healthy. Definitely an entertaining read.

Saunders writes that Walt Weiss believes the DIamondbacks got much better with the hiring of Tony LaRussa. I'm not a LaRussa hater, in fact I kinda dig the guy, but I think this could cause way more problems than it solves. After his press conference all I could think was "how much grit, and guts, and gall, and other words that start with 'G' and mean the same thing can one team contain?"

Time will tell.

Nick Groke discusses in-depth the Rockies whole "problem" of having six outfielders who are all hitting.What, if anything, should be done to solve this problem?

Jack Etkin and Thomas Harding explain that Bandon Barnes' case of food poisoning is what gave Charlie Culberson an at-bat in a crucial spot. Man, I wish I had known this when I was screaming at Walt Weiss from 400 feet away.

For those of you who believe Troy Tulowitzki is the best defensive short stop in baseball (and/or were weary declaring a sophomore the greatest in the league after one season) this report from Fangraphs on Andrelton Simmons should be a nice piece of confirmation bias.

I loved this part:

A year ago, as a shortstop, Andrelton Simmons was worth 41 runs above average in the field. This year he's on pace for +4.

I'll have more on why and how defensive metrics can sometimes overrate a player like Simmons later.