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Monday Rockpile: More on yesterday's win & the upcoming roster moves

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Even though he hit his National League leading 13th home run of the season yesterday, Troy Tulowitzki is not going to heavily discussed in today's Rockpile. However, I like pictures of Tulo hitting home runs, so I chose it for today's Rockpile anyway.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies got a win they desperately needed yesterday. Sandwiched between a just completed 2-5 road trip and an upcoming stretch of games games which includes the Giants at home followed by the longest road trip of the season, and the San Diego series at Coors became almost  a must win if the team wanted to stave off a potentially prolonged slump. The rubber game turned out to be much dicier than I would've liked in an affair the Padres had to use nothing but bullpen, but the team showed some character and ultimately prevailed in a wild 8-6 extra innings win yesterday, netting the goal of a series win. All's well that ends well.

Within the craziness of this game, the Rockies turned a triple play with a little assistance from Seth Smith who helped the Colorado get an extra out while sliding outside of the base path and into DJ LeMahieu as he was trying to complete the triple play in more conventional fashion. Our own Bryan Kilpatrick has more on that story.

Michael Cuddyer is ready to rejoin the Rockies and will be activated off the DL before Tuesday's game against the Giants as he explains within the video in this article. The Rockies went 17-11 in Cuddyer's absence and for the third consecutive season posted a higher winning percentage when he was on the DL than in the part of the season he was on the field. Cuddyer being added to the 25 man roster obviously means that somebody else has to come off it. There's just one little problem: All five outfielders currently on the roster are doing a fine job. So who gets sent down? Let the debate begin.

While Michael Cuddyer, Wilin Rosario, and Josh Rutledge are all on the mend, Carlos Gonzalez is still battling knee tendinitis. Cargo says it's showing up most on the base paths and that it can also throw off his hitting mechanics some, but from the naked eye, it's actually impacted his defense the most as the three time gold glover actually looks more like a liability in the field so far this season. Both fWAR and rWAR rank him in negative territory and it's May 19th. I'm not a doctor, and I have no idea if rest will make Cargo better, but if it will, placing him on the DL might not be the worst move in the world to solve the current outfield roster crunch. Then again, he had two huge hits in yesterday's game so he can't be hurting the team too much. The Rockies face a difficult problem here.

Eric Garcia McKinley over at Rockies Zingers posted a response to my article involving the huge wRC+ gap we see in Rockies' hitters at home and on the road. McKinley looks at the wOBA numbers for both hitters and pitchers as a team and compares the data to other NL West clubs. The work here is excellent, but I disagree with the conclusion involving how the fluctuations may not indicate a competitive disadvantage. When you bring more variables into the equation (which is exactly what you do when you add the pitching into the mix) you're likely going to see a larger swing year to year in the data because it's now going to take longer to normalize. When averaged out over the five years of data McKinley looked at, the Rockies still had by far the largest gap in home and road wOBA numbers of any team in the division.

David Martin of Rockies Review discusses Justin Morneau's strong season so far as well as some underlying issues that showed their ugly face in yesterday's game. The closer role is among his biggest concerns.

Okay, I lied. Today's Rockpile is going to be about Tulo (I can't help myself). Neil Weinberg from Beyond the Box Score looks at his incredible start to the season.