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Rockies Social Media Roundup, May 2: Eric Young Sr. and Jr. reunite, #Fartolo-gate exposed, more

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Heart-warming moments and LOLs o' plenty.

Doug Pensinger

One of the best parts of baseball for me is how it brings fathers and sons together, sometimes literally:

Meanwhile, while I thought the Rockies were facing the experienced Bartolo Colon on Thursday, apparently it was just a pitcher with a similar name according to the game scroll:

Later, it was revealed that a certain Denver Post columnist that we like was responsible. (ed. note: What's next, Dick Monfort jokes?)

Meanwhile, the beard has continued to produce, home and away:

... and for those who didn't know it, Troy Tulowitzki is pretty good at hitting:

For the nostalgic ones out there, here is a young Todd Helton:

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