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Listen to Purple Row on The Press Box today at 10:20

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There's plenty to talk about with this Rockies team, and we'll dive into some of it on the Denver airways today.


It's that time of the week again. I'll join Peter Burns, Mark Kiszla, Brandon Krisztal, and Seth Everett from Mets radio for Purple Row on The Press Box presented by Jackson's Denver Sports Bar and Grill.

Normally this segment will be heard on Thursdays, but with the Avalanche Game 7 this week, it was moved to Friday.

The segment will begin at 10:20 Mountain Time, and as always can be heard on Mile High Sports radio on 94.1 FM (96.9 FM in Boulder). You can also stream online by clicking here. Finally, for those who prefer video over audio, the show is broadcast in streaming format on the Denver Post's website.

Make sure to tune in and enjoy some of the best radio in the Denver market.