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Rockies front office approval poll, May 2014

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Colorado is off to a good start, all things considered. How much credit does the front office deserve?

Doug Pensinger

A month into the season, the Rockies sit at 17-13 and are just a game out of first place in the National League West. Good starts aren't unfamiliar territory for this squad; the Rox were 16-11 on May 1 of last season and were a fabulous 17-8 after April 2011 was all said and done. Both teams failed to reach even 75 wins, let alone compile enough victories to contend for a playoff spot.

What's different about this season? For starters, the Rockies haven't allowed poor performers to toil around on the big league roster for long. Wilton Lopez was awful early in the season and received a demotion rather quickly. Chad Bettis and Charlie Culberson were sent down I-25 after struggling to find their footing, though both have found their way back to Denver because of injuries.

And, speaking of injuries, Colorado appears a lot better off this year because of the depth compiled during the offseason. Jordan Lyles, Franklin Morales, Drew Stubbs and Brandon Barnes -- all players brought in via trade -- have played a huge part in keeping the momentum rolling in the right direction despite disabled list stints from Jhoulys Chacin, Tyler Chatwood (twice), Brett Anderson and Michael Cuddyer, in addition to Carlos Gonzalez's multiple nagging injuries.

How much credit do the front office and manager deserve? We could have created a separate poll for each level (ownership, general manager(s) and field manager), but let's keep it simple and go the all-encompassing route: Do you approve or disapprove of the job done by the management level of the organization through the first month of 2014? Is it too early for you to tell? Vote in the poll and include which level of management has swayed you the most to this point.