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Wednesday Rockpile: Nolan Arenado busts mini-slump with walk-off, Troy Tulowitzki's hot start continues

Nolan Arenado busted out of a 5-30 mini-slump in a big way last night, while Troy Tulowitzki continued his phenomenal start to 2014.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still basking in the afterglow of a second straight walk-off win.

Giants blow game in ninth, Coors Field remains awful - McCovey Chronicles

I strongly encourage you to read Grant Brisbee's game recap. Come for the schadenfreude, stay for the hilarity of Grant's prose. For example:

Coors Field is a 10th ring of hell, where demons fornicate in thin air, and the screams of our ancestors echo silently in the night, ashamed that we tolerate this abomination, horrified because they're trapped, forever prevented from entering eternal paradise, where they are both comforted and devastated by the fact that you will one day join them.

I will forever be inadequate compared to that.

After latest heroics, Arenado's slump is history | News

Nolan Arenado was just 5-30 after his 28 game hit streak had ended before he got three straight hits last night, including Colorado's second straight walk-off hit. There's some nice tidbits here about Blake Doyle's interactions with Colorado's hitters this year.

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki off to terrific start - The Denver Post

Just because it's obvious at this point doesn't make it any less true. Patrick Saunders does a great job of articulating Tulowitzki's greatness this season.

The Other Half of Troy Tulowitzki Going Nuts | FanGraphs Baseball

Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs looks in depth at why Tulo has such a sterling defensive rating this season. It's a great read, and those wanting to relive Troy's top defensive plays so far this year should click the above link posthaste.

Troy Tulowitzki dominance watch

Statistic Result % distance to 2nd
rWAR 4.4 18.2
fWAR 4.1 29.3
BA 0.389 13.4
OBP 0.492 12.2
SLG 0.757 20.6
wOBA 0.521 15.4
wRC+ 224 16.1

In other words, in all of the above statistics, Tulo is more than 12% better than any other player in MLB. All hail Tulo.

Weiss gives club a needed jolt in dugout | News

Apparently he's not all sunshine and lollipops. Per Thomas Harding, Walt Weiss yelled at the team in the dugout during Sunday's game against the Padres. Now if only he'd turn that ire on the umpires every once in a while...

Redrafting the 2004 first round - ESPN

Using the benefit of hindsight, Keith Law redrafts the first round of the 2004 draft in this Insider post - and three Rockies draft picks make the list (Chris Iannetta at 12, Dexter Fowler at 15, and Seth Smith at 22). Law specifically praised this draft for the Rockies - and why not? It produced 11 major league players, an outstanding result for any one team's draft. In the re-draft, Law has the Rockies taking Gio Gonzalez at #9 instead of Chris Nelson.

The Pebbles in Rockies Shoes | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball

Ryan Hammon does the Lord's work in identifying the below average players that give the Rockies the most trouble. Number one is completely unsurprising, as is the presence of two former Rockies second basemen.

Rockies closer LaTroy Hawkins' family at home in the heart of Texas | News

Want to see how a 20 year MLB veteran lives? You're in luck in this version of MLB Cribs.

Links from around baseball

Alex Guerrero, Miguel Olivo have altercation in dugout in Triple-A - True Blue LA

Former Rockies catcher Miguel Olivo allegedly bit the ear of one of his minor league teammates in a game yesterday - an injury that caused Guerrero to get plastic surgery on the ear. Click the link above to watch the two players freak out at each other before the dugout confrontation.

The last position players to pitch for each team (updated) -

Check out an updated list of the last hitters to pretend they're pitchers for each organization. The Rockies are still stuck on Todd Zeile back in 2002.

'Million Dollar Arm' review: Baseball just isn't interesting enough, I guess -

In case you were wondering. Grant wasn't impressed by the Disney formula here.

How Much Is a Draft Pick Worth in 2014? – The Hardball Times

With the 2014 draft rapidly approaching, Matthew Murphy examines the value of a draft pick in 2014. Over the last two decades, a first round pick in the top 25 has typically produced about 5.6 rWAR.