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Thursday Rockpile: Giants broadcaster accuses Troy Tulowitzki of stealing signs, Rockies laugh it off

Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow weighed in on Troy Tulowitzki's hot start to the season, igniting a relatively minor and definitely silly controversy. Plus, a quiz at the end!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Adding fuel to the fire of an emerging rivalry, Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow went on to the KNBR morning show yesterday and basically accused Troy Tulowitzki of stealing signs at Coors Field, thus his hot start to the season at home.

Tulowitzki naturally had no comment on the issue, but Rockies manager Walt Weiss did, and that is where this went from another bit of annoying whining by someone tied to the Giants to being a genuinely humorous story. You see, instead of offering a terse "no comment" like his player, Weiss decided to treat Krukow's comments as the laughable farce they are, claiming that Tulo was in fact getting signs via a flashing light on the scoreboard and, of course, the help of Dinger, thus allowing various people involved to crown the whole incident "Dinger-gate."

Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer took a more serious approach to the whole situation, backing up Tulowitzki and stating that he is obviously not getting any signs.  Meanwhile, at least one national media member has Tulowitzki as his NL MVP to this point in 2014.

In last night's game, Gonzalez left early with a re-occurrence of the finger injury that sidelined him for a few days earlier this season.

The Rockies also say that despite a couple rough outings recently, they still want LaTroy Hawkins as their closer.

Around MLB, Blue Jays first baseman Edwin Encarnacion is on fire right now and the Giants will trot out a pair of the offseason's best free agent values at Coors Field this afternoon.

Now, a quiz!