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Game preview: Tim Hudson vs. Jorge De La Rosa

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Justin Edmonds

So last night was...hmm how should I put this...frustrating.  I think both the Giants and the Rockies would like a huge do-over for last night.  For the Rockies, you get Mat Cain out of the game after three innings and they still couldn't capitalize on the Giants bullpen.  Heck, they didn't even stress the Giants bullpen, with Petit taking up three innings as the only guy who isn't available for today's game (other than Castilla who will be mentioned in a second).  Even with a win, the Giants wish last night wouldn't have happened with both Matt Cain and Santiago Castilla going down with hamstring injuries.

So now Colorado need to win today to win the series and pull back to only two game behind San Francisco.  Taking the mound for the Rockies is Jorge De La Rosa who looks to continue his string of strong starts.  In his last six starts he is 5-1, averaging over six innings and 1.5 runs per game. 

His counterpart will be Tim Hudson who is off to a great start in his inaugural season as a Giant but has struggled at Coors Field in the past.  In the past three seasons he has started three games in Colorado and has a 5.21 ERA over that time frame.

The rest of the lineups will be out later today.  Expect some rest time for a couple of regular Rockies as there is no off-day tomorrow and the team will need to travel to Atlanta for their next series starting Friday.  Tune in to the game thread, and as always GO ROCKIES!