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Rockies social media roundup, May 23: Walkoffs, triple plays and accusations

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The best from Rockies Twitter this week.

Justin Edmonds

Here is what was being shared this week around the web about the Colorado Rockies:

With Atlanta next up on the schedule, here is a chart of the most unlikely event to happen in baseball -- the unassisted triple play that Troy Tulowitzki completed seven years ago:

If you haven't heard about the Giants' latest crazy accusations, Renck gave his take:

It was Corey Dickerson's birthday yesterday:

A good memory for everyone: walk offs are fun:

Here is a view from the party deck:

And apparently Coors Field was invaded by CarGo gnomes this week:

If CarGo gnomes were not enough for you, Blackmon beards were apparently available this week too:

That is all I have for this week, please post anything you found below to share with the rest of us.